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Handmade Leather Sandals

by admin 09 Apr 2018

% 100 Handmade Leather Sandals

The handmade leather sandals are the shoes of Aegean civilizations. It is the oldest shoe of humanity. Its history reaches the year of 2000 BC, which means the first examples of sandals took place at that time. All sandals made along the history of humanity are not the same. For instance, Greeks created their own sandal type and that type is called "hand-made Greek style sandals".

A small history of hand-made sandals

The first sandal was made by knitting papyrus stalk. In other periods of history, the style of sandals changed by climate. It explains how they could survive until today. At that point, it is very important not to forget that most of the sandals used in the past were hand-made leather sandals. The preference of people living in very harsh situations became leather since it was stronger and more comfortable than other styles.
The importance of sandals and why should we use 100 % High Quality Genuine Leather?
First of all, when we look at the history, we can see that people preferred wearing different types of strong-leather sandals such as strap sandals, ankle wrap sandals so on, because the first aim of a shoe should be to protect your feet from bacterial and keep them healthy. Otherwise, it is urgent to have some diseases on your feet in a hot weather or on a long trip. We don't definitely want.

What if you do not wear a pair of shoe with a high quality?

Feet are the most important organ carrying our bodies. Along with these, it plays a very important role in keeping the body in balance. These organs that carry our bodies are in the shoes.We wear and the things we should be careful about. The most important point of these is the choice of shoes. If you do not choose the right shoes, nail drops, standing water or skin abrasions, as well as callus, fungus, bacterial and viral diseases can occur and muscles can be hurt beside them.

How can you buy a cheap and leather sandal with a high quality?

We are here with our numerous varieties of Handmade Leather Bodrum sandals and suggestions about how to find a pair of good quality sandal. Every sandal which we made is completely hand-made and made of leather. We have been making quality sandals without taking them to a factory. If they were not hand-made, we would not claim that they are healthy products. We are sure that you will find a pair of sandal among many types of sandals on our website, where we sell the best handmade leather sandals for women and men online.
You don't have to focus on just one color because we have different colors for you to find the perfect one for yourself. In this case, we can recommend that you have a look at our brown and black leather sandals, but of course, there is one more classic option. If you don't like brown and black, why don't you have a look at the natural leather sandals?

Bodrum and Sandals

We don't want to pass this section without saying that camel sandals and handmade flat sandals are two of the most preferred types in Bodrum, where is kind of a representative of the word "sandal" and where our hand-made stylish and comfortable sandals are getting sold. In Bodrum, we every day have customers saying: "Hello! Do you have sandals on the types of "Gladiator" and "Flip-Flops" ?" and we reply like "Yes, we have!".
People willing to have a great holiday in Bodrum would like to travel freely without discomfort and that's why they are really careful about their choices of shoes.
However, travelling a lot means walking for a long time. No one prefers missing great views of Bodrum by driving. In this way, with our qualified sandals, we are trying to help visitors have an unforgettable trip!
Why Bodrum?

Bodrum, which was called "Halikarnassos" in ancient ages, is a city getting a lot of visitors because of its amazing nature and great opportunities for people who want to see a lot.
It is with common features of the climate of Aegean and Mediterranean and its hot weather doesn't feel you burnt.
You can smell the history on every single street in Bodrum.
It is suitable for everyone and occasion hostel, hotel, motel options are available sometimes in a white basement house on the hill, and sometimes in a luxury hotel on the beach.
If you love Bodrum once, it is certain that you will come to Bodrum again.
You can bring Bodrum to your feet by buying a pair of sandals from us!
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