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Mens Sandals

by admin 27 Jun 2018

Mens Sandals

We want to give you some brand tips about mens sandals for  hot, sticky summer days and nights.
To stay cool and comfortable for the summer is mostly our priority. This comfortable clothing such as button-up shirts, polos, shorts needs really comfortable footwear which is also cool.
Typically, men go for a lightweight breathable pair of sneakers or casual loafers, but when they aren't comfortable enough for your summer look, a stylish pair of men’s sandals is a must.
Sandals are best options for summer vacation footwear, besides you feel comfortable in your sandals. We definitely  rounded up the best sandals to wear fort his summer.
Every men will find his best sandals with many styles brands like Brikenstock, Bossa, New Republic  and etc

Check out our favorite best men's sandals below:

Birkenstock Arizona Essentials

Birkenstock Arizona EVA Essentials, $39.95, available in six colors 
Here ,s a cheap and comfortable  slippers. As a refreshing take on the classic Birkenstock Arizona, the Essentials version uses a flexible EVA foam upper compared to the traditional leather and cork combination. They're available in many colors like Scuba Blue, Scuba Coral and Khaki.
They are  at $40 and they're a lot cheaper than the standard Arizona, because of the materiel.  It is best mens sandals for your beach walk.

Birkenstock Milano

Birkenstock Milano, $125
If you want to wear both comfortable and stylish sandals, then leather sandals are much more better options if you are ready to pay.
The Birkenstock Milano is a great pair to wear. Fitted with an oiled Nubuck leather upper, Napa leather liner, and metal buckle hardware, the Milano has a very premium feel.

Bossa Sandals

[caption id="attachment_9952" align="alignnone" width="960"]mens leather sandals Mens Sandals[/caption]
Bossa Bodrum Sandals, $65
Not all shoes created equal ! Because those men's sandals are handmade leather sandals.  The leading company of Turkey is making traditional handmade leather shoes for the world.  Those sandals are  much more better and comfortable  then your summer shoes.  The leather from up, rubber sole to keep your comfort moves and metal buckle with leather fitted footbed.
The Bossa Sandals  are a stylish pair to wear even on an occasional day for summer.. It is first class wear.

New Republic Al Slide

New Republic Al Slide, $29, available in four colors
The New Republic Al Slide offers premium comfort on those poolside or beach days. The details like calf hair leather band and textured footbed make this flip flops long lasting than most flip flops. If the colors are ok , do not miss those cheap sandals.
Hari Mari Fields Flip Flop

Hari Mari Fields Flip Flop, $60
It is cool for boat lovers. Its rubber out soles provide grip for slippery boat surfaces.
Made with memory foam padding, arch supports, soft Nubuck leather lined insoles, Hari Mari's Fields are just are great for day-long comfort.
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