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Leather Sandals

by admin 22 May 2018

Leather Sandals

Leather sandals which you look chic, comfortable and cool, are the key pieces of our look for summer without a doubt.
Especially when those beautiful sandals are handmade leather sandals with different colors and styles such as toe ring sandals, gladiator sandals, jeweled sandals or strappy sandals. In summer the most important thing for you is healthy and comfortable feet.  If it is so, then hanging around, having fun and travelling will be more comfortable.

The best thing about womens sandals and mens sandals are that they are the perfect match with shorts, skirts or jeans.
Both mens leather sandals and leather sandals for women are ready in our store which we call them Bodrum Sandals.

Are Your Bodrum Sandals Real Handmade Leather Sandals?

Are all Bodrum sandals real handmade leather sandals?  How can you understand real Bodrum sandals? What are the difference from manufacturing sandals?
The first best-known artisan of Bodrum sandals tells that most of Bodrum sandals which are sold in the name of ‘’Bodrum Sandals’’ are not real handmade leather shoes today. He also claims that most Bodrum sandals are made using machines with faux leather. The main reason of that is getting large number of sandals and sell them cheaper. He also says that he wishes they wouldn’t call them ‘’handmade’’ leather sandals.

To make a pair of handmade leather shoes takes at least 2 days with the processing.
The real handmade leather sandals must be flexible and comfortable.
Of course the sole must be stout leather. Today people prefers evatern sole mostly. Because they are more comfortable to walk for hiking or adventurers. We have both options for our customers.

Handmade Sandals

You just need to be careful while ordering your black leather sandals or brown leather sandals or gladiator sandals, choose the correct size for your feet. It is important for your foot health and because they are handmade sandals, it is kind of custom shoes.
Happy feet means happy people for us.  Because they are leather sandals your feet is going to be breath and will not stay wet longer. Wet feet causes smelly feet and feet fungus which makes you feel uncomfortable.
Womens Sandals

We make trendy handmade leather sandals by following trends in fashion.  Our Bodrum sandals are in categories like mens’ leather sandals , womens’ leather sandals, ankle wrap sandals, gladiator leather sandals and leather flip flops. We prefer using beads, lace, metallic details on our Bodrum sandals.
[caption id="attachment_6465" align="alignnone" width="960"]handmade leather sandals online Closed Toe Sandals[/caption]
[caption id="attachment_7429" align="alignnone" width="960"]women's handmade leather chic sandals Toe ring Sandals[/caption]
Toe ring sandals are mostly lighter than closed toe sandals. Closed toe sandals also are preferred by hikers and campers due to they are more comfortable while climbing and walking around rocks and mountains. Because  they protect your feet better than others.  So you should decide where you wear them.  If you spend your time on beach then toe ring sandals and leather flip flops would be perfect choice even you can wear them while going to a bar with a skirt or short.

Handmade leather sandals for men have less styles than women if we think beaded sandals and jeweled sandals will not be preferred by men. Although less options men are lucky to have cool styles in our store.
Get a Genuine pair of leather sandals

Gladiator Sandals
You don't have to be rich and spend a lot to buy handmade leather sandal seven if they are custom sandals. But remember materials and look is important . If you hesitate of buying, then order a pair of handmade leather sandals and check the quality.  If you like your beautiful sandals then you can buy other pair of handmade leather shoes.  Do not buy faux leather sandals instead of genuine pair of leather sandals.
[caption id="attachment_7062" align="alignnone" width="960"]men's handmade leather bodrum sandals Leather Flip Flops[/caption]
And keep in mind that leather flip flops are great for your beach days and they are also cool for your boardwalk days which look nice with denim and shirts.
Check out our sandals online to get a pair of summer sandals
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