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Foot Care At Home

by admin 21 May 2018

Foot Care At Home

Foot care at home are the people who ask ‘’How can I take care of my feet? ‘’.  Our feet are the most important body part which carry our body all day long, walk around and stuck in socks or shoes. Foot care is important just because of that and also we have many bones in our feet. The more comfortable feet we have, the more comfortable day we have. That’s why we are going to tell about foot care at home for everybody can easily do at home.

How can I clean my feet at home?

Everybody have the same question in their mind. How can I clean my feet at home? Smelly feet, foot pain or fungus on feet may cause many problems. Due to long working hours and stuck feet in shoes we can have such problems. First of all we should change our socks more often if you care of your feet. Another simple but effective way is washing up and dry your feet  every night. According to researches babies have %95  healthier feet than adults.
Getting weight and less moves than normal even effect  our foot health. So we should find the reasons thinking the way of our lives and then find solutions. Let’s remember the results
-Stucked in shoes and socks
-Working long hours
-Getting weight
-Less move
-Wrong and cheap shoes

The best shoes for foot health

To have healthier feet you must be careful while buying shoes.  Yes high heels for women are sexy.  Just remember, when you go home you have the foot pain.  Besides high heel shoes are unhealthy for scientists.  I know you hate hearing that high heel shoes are the reason of your feet mutation.  You can wear high heels for occasional days.  Also you should choose orthopedic shoes if you care of your feet. Both women and men should prefer flat shoes.

Keep in your mind tight shoes means uncomfortable days and nights. Large size shoes also cause balance problems on your feet, even falling down. Right size shoes must be your first choice. For summer leather  sandals must be your first choice to avoid wet feet. Leather sandals keeps your feet healthy during hot and wet summer days. Because leather allows your feet to breath and sandals keeps your feet dry in spite of stuck in closed shoes. Leather sandals save you from feet fungus too.

Of course buying right shoes only a way of foot care at home.


Wet feet causes many diseases including feet fungus. Don't forget to wash up and dry your feet once in a day. And  prefer  right size shoes and leather sandals for summer. Plus less high heel shoes !  Don’t  forget that wet feet are the results of non breathing shoes. Such kinds of shoes may even cause feet fungus , finger fungus or smelly feet.

An easy  home remedy for your foot care at home is ;
  • 50  gr salt
  • Warm water
Add salt in warm water and wait for dissolve. You can also add some lavender oil for relaxing.  Then put your feet into warm water. I know it is very easy and you will see how effective it is ! Wait for half an hour and do not forget wash up and dry your feet. This treatment is going to give you full relaxing and healthy feet for sure. You can repeat this home remedy everyday without a doubt.

Take care of your feet.
What are your thoughts ?, share with us.
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