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Lycian Way

by admin 16 May 2018

Lycian Way

Lycian Way which we can say that easily; If travelling is an art, trekking is the most effective way of it Lycian way is very popular route in Turkey. If you have to do list then this route must have. Adventure, history, nature, and exploring are all together.We will mention about this route shortly. But then there will be more more detailing post about it. If you want to learn how we come here and which routes we have used, you can our Camping in Turkey and Camping Guide posts.

Lycian Way
1 – How long is the Lycian Way?

It is 332.4 ml long route starts from Fethiye and ends in Cıralı, Antalya.  It takes approximately 21 days which is up to you. You can walk at least 15.5 km in a day. There are also challenging routes which you can only walk 8 km in a day.
3 – The equipment for Lycian Way

Clothes are the main equipment for Lycian Way, if we think of the most important thing while trekking. Then you should have camping equipment because of the reason that you will camp. You need both sandals and boots. Because it is going to be hot . You need dry feet, also they have to be comfortable.  Getting wet causes fungal on feet That bothers you and you feel uncomfortable during the route. Handmade leather sandals are perfect for it. Your feet stay dry and you feel comfortable. Healthy feet happy people. Except leather sandals you will also need boots for challenging routes and climbing sometimes. The other equipment you need for Lycian Way are water bottle, whistle, pocket knife, hat, windbreaker, raincoat and backpack ,sun cream, headlamp, sleeping bag, sleeping pad, first aid kit, and of course a map
4 –Useful

Before you start trekking ,get some useful things like  the book of Lycian way written by Kate Claw. You can get the app called ''Likya Yolu''.  The only problem is that it is Turkish. But it doesn't need internet . It works with GPS which is cool.  If you believe in social media power then Lycian Way group on Facebook is for you. You can follow experienced people and ask questions.
5 – The places which you should see
There has been 19 places on this way. If you want to see all it is OK, In case of limited time we advice you to see those places,  Sdyma, Pyndai, Phellos, Apelia, Theimussa, İdyros, Antiphellos, Apollonia, Simena
6 – Get Clean Water
Clean water is hard to find in some challenging areas From Karaoz to Adrasan. You have no place to find clean water. In this challenging route water is quite important. You should stock your water.

7 – Camping and Accommodation

Although you can stay some small hotels or rent cottages even in the houses of villagers. You have to camp when you don't find those options. There is no place that we can advise you for camping. Just be sure that you have place for camping 2 hours ago before the sunset.
8 – New routes

Every May Kate Claw and her crew is cleaning the paths and check the routes. Every year government adds new routes to Lycian way. It has come with the advantages of staying in villagers’ houses and eat local dish.
9 –The best view


You can leave your comments which one is best for you.
10 – Attention please

Be sure you are strong and flexible enough to carny your heavy bag during your challenging routes. Do not forget you will even walk up. In case you have heavy bag , try to carry light food in spite of canned food which gives you quick energy. If you are new, join in a group.
11 – Advise

You do not need advise, we can call this experience. While climbing up from Gelidonia to Adrasan the path is not straight.  But there are a lot of sage smelling great. Do not forget to pick them up. You can drink this natural tea in the evening to relax.
Beginners can also choose the path called ''Fethiye Yolu'' in spite of Lycian way.  It is going to be crossed away with the Lycian Way
translated from Likya yolu yürüyüşü hakkında merak edilen 11 şey
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