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Camping Guide

by admin 03 May 2018

Camping Guide

Our previous camping guide is about the route in Mediterranean region in Turkey. Now we are going to tell you next destination from Koycegiz. You can read our camping guide to Koycegiz from here. Here we go…


We are very close to paradise. Our next destination is Gocek where is famous for its clear water and paradise bays. Of course that makes Gocek very popular and attract many rich and famous people. You can see very expensive yachts  around. Because it is an expensive place you may want to book for campsites before you go. Or you need to search for appropriate place for camping. Although its disadvantages of expensiveness, Gocek must have seen in your camping guide.
In the center of Gocek , because it is a small town the center is small too, you can see very chic souvenirs. You can buy the best summer beach dresses made of Buldan silk, handmade bags, handmade leather bags and handmade leather sandals. You can even find handmade glass works, handwoven rugs, gourd lamps, copper sets and many chic and vintage kilims.
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Even though it is small town you can feel the calmness and peaceful.Due to it is close to Greek islands you can see how cultures influence each other. The main places you need to see are in the coast. To keep those coasts natural and far from crowded, the side roads are very narrow and hard to move forward without a Jeep. If you can manage to arrange a SUV, you will be able to find the paradise.
Paradise in Gocek

Take your time and stay one night more. If you are ready to leave fresh air, green nature and turquoise water, next place is Fethiye in our camping guide.I must confess that we spent at least a week in Fethiye while camping.We sometimes stayed in campsites and mostly found a place for ourselves in the forest. Don’t worry there are many options for you.

Camping Sites

There are many camping sites. We had car and stayed in Han camping which is quite, sophisticated and like a home resort. It is 10 minutes away from the sea but it was ok when we think of its advantages.
Han Camping
Kayakoy Sanat Kampı is one of the other camping sites. It has activities in. If it is your first visit then here is the best place for you. Just you need to book before you go. The activities are fishing, painting, carving, boat tours and many.
Kayakoy Sanat Kampı
Han Camping and Kayakoy Sanat Kampı is in Kayakoy, Fethiye. Kayakoy is an old greek village where you can see old stone houses outside and restoreted inside. It is also very close to Oludeniz, Butterflies bay, Kabak bay and Saklıkent. Our advice is renting a car and visit places.


Because there are many places to discover. Saklıkent is kind of canyon. There is an natural spring water in. It may be very crowded. If you do not like crowded places then our advise is Gizlikent. It is much more natural and less crowded place. By the way, both Saklıkent and Gizlikent people use the mineral mud on their faces to cure their skin.Campers know that the most beautiful places are the places has not been discovered yet. In this camping guide we are telling you the main places but ın this route there are many places without names are ready to discover. Do not hesitate to talk to villagers and have a break on the road side to drink or eat something from villagers. Let’s move on.
Our next destination is Gunluklu Bay. I remember our first family camping in Gunluklu. It was fascinating. We could easily see the squirrels on the trees. Today there is a camping site but not very big and as cool as before. You can see and swim in Gunluklu before you discover the pure nature . On the road of Gunluklu there is another  path that you need to follow and it takes you to your own bay. You can even stay there for camping if you do not pay fort he camping sites. There are only yachts away. Because it is a hidden place for people.

Gunluklu and Other Bay
When you are in Fethiye do not forget to visit city center, eat fresh fish dish in Fish Bazaar. Here we are at a crossroads.

Fish Bazaar

We are going to visit Butterflies Bay which is kind of organic village and people stay in bungalows or tents. Or you can go next destination, Kabak Bay. I must warn you that the way to Kabak Bay is enough adventurous. You can go by hiking or vans. I would prefer hiking. Because ı took the van and it was too adventurous for me. Especially while I was close to cliff.

Butterflies Bay

Kabak Bay

The best season for Kabak Bay is May or September. The sea is as calm as millpond. When you arrive Kabak Bay you can stay in camping sites which are really very authentic and cool. There are many activities at night; dancing, music and friendship. And here you should decide if you will use the Lycia way or other way. Lycia way for camping guide is the culture route which is from Fethiye to Antalya.
Lycian way is great even if it is a bit tiring away from crowded beaches, fancy resorts and palm trees. Lycian way connects a lot of villages and mountain hamlets. You can see Lycian and roman sites on this route.You reach the Olympos which is another historical site and beach. This route is a collection of ancient paths. You will love and admire it. Maybe it will be the best experience you will have. The other route is much more comfortable. It is your choice. We are going to tell the both ways. Lycia way is Not the way to tell in a few sentences. So our next blog post will be about it.
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