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Camping In Turkey

by admin 25 Apr 2018

Camping In Turkey

If you are planing camping in Turkey, you should read this  as briefing. I can’t tell what the things are that you shouldn’t do in Turkey. But ı can tell you that camping in Turkey should be  the first thing on your to do list. Who doesn’t want camping  in such a pure nature ?
[caption id="attachment_8829" align="alignleft" width="300"] Camping in Turkey[/caption]
[caption id="attachment_8811" align="alignright" width="300"] Black Sea Region[/caption]
If you will come camping in Turkey for the first time, I will give you the perfect route. Your first choice may be camping starting from Muğla region to Mediterranean region.
If you answer that you like both green and plus adventure, you should prefer camping in Black sea region which is a little bit challenging.,
[caption id="attachment_8813" align="alignnone" width="689"] Marmara Region[/caption]
If you answer that you have very little time and just want to hang on around then come back, our advice is Marmara region camping.
The most important factor for camping in Turkey is season.In summer there is no problem. In case it is winter, you should decide the route according to your camping equipment. Marmara and Black sea region is very challenging in winter with snowy weather.

Route From Aegean region to Mediterranean region

You land on Bordum airport. You are in a quite in winter but crowded tourist attraction small sea side town.

Enjoy the bays in Bodrum that are popular and have unique beauty for the celebrities all around the world. At least one day of your holiday. Come to think of it, do not forget to visit bazaar to buy handmade leather sandals for your foot healthy during your holiday.
[caption id="attachment_7427" align="alignright" width="276"]women's handmade leather chic sandals Bodrum Sandals[/caption]
[caption id="attachment_8819" align="alignnone" width="281"] Bodrum Gourd Lamps[/caption]
Also you can buy souvenirs for memory of your camping in Turkey.
[caption id="attachment_8817" align="alignleft" width="300"] Bodrum[/caption]
After Bodrum Your first destination is Marmaris. Even though there are many camping areas, I advise you to feel free for the place. Wherever you like you can camp. Camping can wait till you visit Azmak. Azmak is a freshet  which is cold in 10 degrees. It will cool you down in hot summer day. After you swim in Azmak, the boat tour will
make this experience memorable.
[caption id="attachment_8821" align="alignright" width="392"] Azmak[/caption]
And fish restaurants! Yummy! Do not leave there before eating fish and drinking Rakı in one of the restaurants along the freshet. How you are stranger to Rakı, it is the best company with fish dish. Around Azmak or between Azmak or Marmaris  there are many places for camping.
[caption id="attachment_8835" align="alignnone" width="690"] Rakı Balık[/caption]
You just need to decide. Just in case you are close to water, take insect powder with you for mosquitoes.

On account of there are many to explore in Marmaris, wake up early for a long day. In the day time try to explore beautiful bays and enjoy your moment. In the evening go to Datça. Datça is the place where you are going to fall in love. By the way there are two center in Datça. One is old other is new.


[caption id="attachment_8824" align="alignleft" width="300"] Datca[/caption]
Old one is fascinating. The people the houses,nature and everything is amazing in Datça. You can drink Turkish coffee in Turkish kahvehane. Kahvehane is the place where men go spending their free time. In Datça men and women can go there. The atmosphere has still remains of old style Turkish traditions. You can do camping in new Datça. You will see many people do camping in the parks.If you prefer nature not city center then go to Palamutbükü. It is very popular for Yoga holiday. You can imagine how peaceful it is.


Next day visit Knidos which is both historical site and also important for the geography. Aegean sea border ends  and Mediterranean sea border starts here. Sea is just like aquarium.  Spend your half of the day in Knidos, not all day. Now it is time to back to Marmaris to move forward. Use seaside road in spite of main road. It is long but worth of seeing it.
[caption id="attachment_8825" align="alignright" width="300"] Knidos[/caption]
If you are both camper and fisher you can fish too. The main purpose of this road is visiting Anatolian villages.
[caption id="attachment_8822" align="alignleft" width="300"] Villages[/caption]
This route will hypnotize you.If you want to stay your night around, do not hesitate. Just watch out the bees. Because those villagers are generally apiarists for living. You will see them on your route. Taste organic honey and you can even buy one. You may be regretful if you do not buy one. It is not expensive according to markets.If you have time, visit Turgut waterfall.
[caption id="attachment_8826" align="alignleft" width="300"] Turgut Waterfall[/caption]
Now you begin to explore how much you are having fun of your camping in Turkey.
[caption id="attachment_8837" align="alignright" width="239"] Organic Honey[/caption]

Next Destination Is Cool For Adventurers

Your next destination is Köyceğiz. It is the place you will feel the comfort and peace, have beautiful people with unique lake view.You can stay in the park at the city center.
[caption id="attachment_8831" align="alignright" width="300"] Köyceğiz[/caption]
To be honest you may have quite different experience. Because you may see a Turkish wedding ceremony and watch the traditional wedding.There will be people just like you in the park who do camping. Please take care of the dogs in this park and feed them if you can. If you do, they wait around your tent all the night just to thank you. First thing in the morning jump into the river. 
After your breakfast  go to Yuvarlak Çay. On the roadside there are mini tents with full of fruits especially oranges. In the summer you can eat the best oranges here.
[caption id="attachment_8827" align="alignleft" width="262"] Roadside[/caption]
They are juicy and delicious. Ask for fruit of cactus. It is generally store in the fridges to cool it. This is just a small break. Don't worry, you will cool your heat in your destination.

Swim In The Forest

I recommend you Defne restaurant. It is at the top of the Yuvarlak Çay where the beginning of the water’s source. The first thing you will learn is that villagers sell  what they make and the most delicious local dishes, in this journey.

  Here we continue with Yuvarlak Çay. It is similar to Azmak except the popularity of Azmak. Yuvarlak Çay is a little bit less crowded and you can swim in the forest in 10 degrees.When you go there you will see the swing on the water. It is great for having fun. The owners are good people and if you want to spend your night there, they will help you. A night in the forest  with the sounds of river  How relaxing it is.
Now what do you think? Does it look like fun camping in Turkey?It will be great,believe me.I don't know how many days you want to spend fort his route but we are half of the holiday. We are going to go Fethiye and discover unique places which are different from each other. From Fethiye you can choose Likya route. You can read our Camping guide from Koycehiz to Fethiye from here.
[caption id="attachment_8830" align="alignnone" width="635"] Likya Route[/caption]
The all routes we tell you are amazing and difficult to choose. From Fethiye to Olympus there are also a lot to see, feel and live.

And this blog post will not last easily. Up to now, you cool in cold water,taste organic honey and fish dish, drink Rakı, swim in the border of Aegean sea and Mediterranean sea, And we have just started. We will tell the other half of the holiday in our next blog post.
Did you like this route? Leave your answers.
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