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Many Things About Bodrum

by admin 17 Apr 2018

The history of Bodrum

Halicarnassus, which was one of the important city centers in the ancient period, was located in where Bodrum is exactly located today. According to Herodotus, Halicarnassus was built up in approximately 1100 B.C.
That Miken found through excavations done in the Zephyron land where the Bodrum castle is, shows that Bodrum was living space before 1100 B.C too.
On the comments of history buffs, it is thought that the city could have been named Zeyphron before the name Halikarnassos. Halicarnassus, which was the place of Dor at the beginning, got under the influence of Ionians and started to be called the city of Ionians.
The city, which entered Persian rule in the BC 545, remained under the rule of tyrants for a while. By the order of the Persian king, In 395, Hekatomnos, the son of the Kindian Hyssaldomos, became the Satan of Karia in Mylasa. BC In 377, his son Maussollos passed away with his death. Maussollos carried the capital from Mysala to Halikarnassos. The Greek "police", with quite large borders, built an entirely new city from beginning to end.


After his death in the BC 353, his sister and his wife Artemisia took his place. Halicarnassus, ruled by various satraps until Alexander the Great ruled the region in the BC 334, escaped Persian rule with Alexander the Great dominating the region.
After the death of Alexander the Great, Halicarnassus shared by four commanders entered the administration of Ptolemaios, who took Egypt like other cities of Caria. It was ruled by this lineage until the BC 188.
This part was about what was there before the Turks. After this part, we would like to tell you its history after the Turks.


Halicarnassus, which was ruled by the Turks in the 11th century, started to be ruled by Byzantine in the First Crusade in 1096-1099. In the thirteenth century, the Menteşe soldiers got Halikarnassos again.
In 1402 Yıldırım Beyazıt was defeated by Aksak Timur and the Anatolian Union was separated into many groups; The Ottoman Sultan Mehmet Çelebi gave the permission to The Knights of Saint Jean for them to sit in Halikarnassos, where the name Mesy was given. On the castle built by the Menteşe Emirates, They built the castle they named Peter. The Maussolleion area was used as a stone quarry in the construction of this castle. Halicarnassus joined the Ottoman Empire again in 1523 with the conquest of Rhodes by Suleiman the Magnificent.


Bodrum has become a very important place in terms of maritime history in Ottoman history, especially since the end of the 18th century. It is seen that Ottoman mariners played an important role in the 18th and 19th centuries when Bodrum was regularly developed. After the defeat of the Ottoman Navy in Çeşme in 1770, the Russians, who had subjected the important coastal cities in the Mediterranean to bombardment, were withdrawn in 1773, failing to succeed even though they fired at Bodrum Castle. He built a shipyard in Bodrum in order to reconstruct the Ottoman navy.
Bodrum was also used as the base of the Ottoman Navy in the Greek uprising in 1824. During the First World War, the French warship "Duplex" opened fire on Bodrum, but the soldiers did not land.
Italy occupied Bodrum on the morning of May 11, 1919. They left Bodrum and places around Muğla on the 5th of July in 1921 since The Independence war of the Turks got good results for the Turks.
Some locations in Bodrum which you definitely should see

-- Historical Monuments --

The Bodrum Castle:

Bodrum Castle, in the centre, marina, of Bodrum salutes its visitors as one of the most important structures of Bodrum. Bodrum Castle was first built by the Knights of Rhodes in 1402 and the construction continued until 1522. There are 5 main towers called Bodrum, French, German, Italian and Yilanli Tower. The Ottomans added a minaret to the church in the castle at their time and turned it into a mosque and also added a small Turkish Bath. II. During the reign of Abdulhamit, the castle was used as a prison. The castle was abandoned after the French bombardment of 1915.

Bodrum Castle has been a museum directorate in 1964 and since 1979 it has been called Bodrum Underwater Archeology Museum. One of the most important underwater archaeological museums in the world, the museum exhibits eastern Mediterranean amphorae collection, Yassıada, Şeytan Deresi(Devil Stream) and Serce Limani(Sparrow Harbor). The world's oldest shipwreck remains exhibited in the museum are also worth seeing.


The mausoleum is regarded as one of the seven wonders of the world and greets the worshiper as one of the most important works of Bodrum. The Bodrum Mausoleion Open Air Museum is home to the tomb of Mausolos, King of the Black Sea, and is also called a memorial at the same time. By Queen II Artemisia It was built in 353 years for famous architects.

Today, a small museum is located at the site of this monumental tomb, 42 meters high, nearly destroyed by the Great Anatolian earthquake and known as one of the seven wonders of the world. Most of the stones belonging to Mausoleion are used in the construction of Bodrum Castle. Relief pieces were brought to the British Museum by the British in the 19th century.

Ancient Theatre:

Located in Goktepe in the centre of Bodrum, on the way to Bodrum-Turgutreis, the Antique Theater is one of the important historical monuments dating from Helen and Halicarnassus. The 53-seat, 13,000-seat Ancient Theater consists of three main sections: the Skene (stage building), the Orchestra (half round) and the Cavea (seating stages).
The building is a long rectangular structure with doors at each end where the players will enter. The Bodrum Antique Theater was organized as an open-air museum after the excavations in 1973.

Ottoman Shipyard and Tower:

The Bodrum Ottoman Shipyard and Tower, located on the northwest side of the marina at the centre of Bodrum and recently restored, is one of the historical places worth seeing in Bodrum. The history of the Ottoman Shipyard dates back to the 1775s. The Ottoman navy, which was found here during the Battle of 1770 Fountain, was completely destroyed by the Russian navy and the Ottoman naval ship was rebuilt in 1775 after the Ottoman shipyard was established after the war.
There is also a tower in the Bodrum Ottoman Shipyard and an ottoman cemetery on the back. The tower is also used for various art events and exhibitions.

Myndos Gate:

Bodrum Myndos Gate, one of the entrance gates of the city of Halicarnassus on the western side of Bodrum, is one of the important historical monuments in Bodrum. The Bodrum Myndos Gate, which was recently restored, was built in the 4th century before BC. Bodrum Myndos Gate is the best building among the 7-kilometer remains of the period.

Underwater Archeology Museum:

It is one of the most important and biggest museums of the world in its kind and it is located in Bodrum Castle. Be sure to visit the Bodrum Underwater Archeology Museum, which received the "Special Praise" prize in the 1995 Museum of the Year Competition in Europe.

Pedasa Ancient City:

Located 4 km from Bodrum Center, Pedasa Ancient City is another historical area where you can visit the peninsula. The city, which is one of the best preserved residential areas in Legel, is worth seeing.
Zeki Muren Museum:
The Zeki Muren Art Museum, which was opened with the transformation of Zeki Muren's house in Bodrum into a museum, contains personal belongings, photographs and awards belonging to the artist.

The best seas in Bodrum to swim


Kadıkalesi Beach is a natural wonder shining through the citrus gardens. It is 22 km from Bodrum and 4 km north of Turgutreis. Kadıkalesi Beach, where many hotels and holiday villages are located, offers us the most beautiful sunset view of Bodrum.

Bitez Beach:
One of the most popular addresses in Bodrum is Bitez. The public beach in Bitez is located 8 km from Bodrum. One side is the lush trees, one side is the blue sky, the endless Aegean Sea. I think there is an interest; At the time "Let's go to Bitez without lie", let us.


Located at a distance of 10 km from Bodrum centre, Ortakent Yahşi is a wonderful spot especially for windsurfing because of the very wind. Besides arrive in Turkey at the beginning of the places where windsurf, bays in the
basement, with beautiful beaches and nature can enjoy both the sea in Dragos Ortakent.

Yalikavak Beaches:

Yalikavak is a place where you can touch the stars, where you can touch your hands, the warmth of the winds, the Aegean's wonderful smell. It is one of the most famous districts in half, is located 18 km away from Bodrum. Tilkicik, Paşa and Ağaçbaşı are located in the large beaches should definitely come by.
Akyarlar is an old Greek village in Bodrum. The buildings it houses are giving away immediately. Akyarlar, located about 20 km from Bodrum, has a wonderful beach. You can feel the shimmering texture of the Aegean up to your brooms.


The Göltürkbükü that emerged when Gölköy and Türkbükü merged, is the first place that comes to mind in Bodrum. Therefore, we can say that this is the place where the concept of the holiday is shaped. Well, we can not say that there are no fingers in famous people. After all, many celebrities prefer Göltürkbükü for the holidays. Which is one of Turkey's most famous beach Golturkbuku We know we have the sea and the beauty of nature. This is one of the most popular addresses where you will leave yourself in the cool waters of the Aegean.
Güvercinlik is the first hi to Bodrum. The sea is like a lake. There are many small hotels and restaurants around. Let's not forget the lush view of Salih Island. Güvercinlik, 20 km from Bodrum, is one of the most beautiful places of the peninsula. It is invaluable to taste the sea in small tiny villages. Nowadays, the luxurious hotels that opened this bay make Güvercinlik the shining star of Bodrum.
How about food? Is there any famous food of Bodrum?
Yes of course,
The following ones are just some of them :)

Cokertme Kebabı:

It is possible to find the kebab which is one of the flavours unique to Bodrum in almost every restaurant in Bodrum. This dish served with red meat and yogurt on fried potatoes offers you a taste that you will never forget.

Kabak Cicegi Dolmasi(Stuffed zucchini flowers):

You have the chance to eat the best of the pumpkin plum stuffed with a special meal in the Aegean in Bodrum. In the very early hours of the morning, pumpkin flowers will open and you will surely enjoy this fill.

Hardal Otu Salatası(Mustard salad):

Mustard herb salad, which has an extraordinary taste among Bodrum's special dishes, is served with a blend of boiled mustard with olive oil, lemon and salt.

Sea Products:

Sea food is among the most consumed in Bodrum where the Aegean and Mediterranean cuisine is blended and sofras are fried. Especially fish scorpions made of scorpion, swallow and octopus, fish salad made of smaller fishes are absolutely delicious to try.

Zeytinyağlılar(Ones with olive oils):

Olive oil dishes and mezes, which are one of the indispensable dishes of Bodrum and made from various herbs and vegetables, are among the dishes that we suggest you try when you go to Bodrum.


What are the advantages of vacationing in Bodrum?

During the summer vacation, those who want to have a holiday are looking for a place where they can relax and rest. Bodrum is one of the places where you will start to feel the summer vacation air from the spring.
Although it is extremely crowded on holidays especially, it is one of the best holiday opportunities to take a vacation in the basement, which is relatively calm at other times, to throw away the tiredness of the whole year. Unlike other resorts, the moisture is really good here.
Bodrum is one of the most beautiful places for those who want to swim in a hot sea. The most important feature that distinguishes Bodrum from other places is the houses and streets that still maintain their naturalness.
Some holiday places near Bodrum
In addition to being a holiday resort, Bodrum is also  in the first place among holiday options with its proximity to the holiday villages that house many Aegean seas. Those who come here to vacation permanently can go to other holiday areas and find suitable beaches and complete their vacations here.

You can find some of those near holiday places below;
To these places, you can easily reach through Bodrum to enjoy the holiday. These holiday towns, each of which has its own distinctive flavour, offer the most suitable areas for holiday vacations.

Bodrum offers acceptable prices for holiday

Since Bodrum is one of the most preferred destinations for summer vacation, many people have a prejudice. It will be too expensive to make a holiday here they think.
Although this is true for some places in Bodrum, it is possible here for everyone who thinks of vacationing in the basement to make a holiday according to their own budget.
In Bodrum, where there are many alternatives from hotels to motels, hostels and apartments to luxurious residences. People can stay where they wish in the direction of their own tastes and budgets. The nightclubs, bars and restaurants on the shores of the bay are a must for a few nights in Bodrum. Bodrum has become a much more interesting place with its night life.

Accommodation in Bodrum

We would like to say that this topic is really the easiest one. There is nothing in Bodrum more than accommodations. If you would like to have a look at some hotels, hostels or houses which you can hire; we will give you some advice. (Bunun aşağısına otel linkleri bırakabilirsiniz)


Is that all?

We wish, but it's not :) If you have some troubles when you travel in Bodrum, we do not want you to blame us. Because we don't warn you about something important. It is about your health, your enjoyment, your possible troubles. It is exactly about the quality of your shoes. Bodrum is big enough to make you tired and make you walk for a long time. During the time of your travelling, we would not like you to have some serious troubles on your feet. What can you do in order to protect your feet from having a disease or not seeming to be good?

Best Models

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Have a great holiday and do not forget to do what we have just suggested :)
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