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Sandals For Men

by admin 02 Jun 2018

Sandals For Men

Until a few years ago sandals for men were like out in fashion. If w ego back the beginning , sagebrush sandals from about 8000 BC found in a cave and that was the oldest shoes of any kind. The Egyptian wore sandals, the Greeks wore gladiator sandals, the Roman wore them. They have been part of in our history for thousands years .Modern day flip flops are the traditional the Japanese sandals ,called ‘’zori’’. And they were turned into America’s mid century style.
So given that they've got a far-reaching history and have been worn by gladiators, philosophers, samurais, and soldiers alike.

Today men feel fine wearing men’s sandals in the modern day styles. If you live in a city and do walking till night, wearing stiff shoes is not much fun.

How to Wear Sandals for Men

That tricky dilemma of understanding how to combine a pair of sandals and be stylish, if you are not the person whose legs are never on show. But do not fear anymore, the modern way to wear sandals isn’t just confined to pairing them with shorts. There’s a whole new approach to dressing up or dressing down a pair of men’s sandals for any occasion.

Men in Sandals

It’s all cool when we  explain the benefits of wearing sandals with shorts or trousers, but how about putting that advise into practice. Take inspiration from some of the slickest street inspired outfits that combine men’s sandals with outfits suited to any occasion.

Sandals With Trousers

If weather is not sunny and you are going to an occasion in summer, You can wear your leather sandals with trousers in an alternative to the sandals with shorts combination as casual summer style. Thanks to menswear designers who are pushing men to wear leather sandals in society for modern look and look stylish. Sandals are not only beach sandals. They are worn out and during the day, from city to the beach and the countryside.

Sandals With Shorts

Let’s start with the most common combination. Shorts and sandals must be your wardrobe’s best friends, and when they paired together during the summer months they make for a match made in heaven. Short lengths which depend on your style you want to pair with . Swim shorts, a pair of denim cut-offs (does not matter) are enough to catch the attention with your combinations.

Just keep in mind that the leather sandals or gladiator sandals or beach sandals should be coordinated with the style of shorts which you have in your wardrobes.
For example, your denim style shorts would work best with a pair of mens leather flip flops rather than a more casual pair of mens sandals. Speaking of, flip-flops, they work best with a more casual pair of shorts made from denim or lightweight cotton. They’re best if you’re visiting a beach resort, because they provide less arch support for your feet. But flip flops are not best sandals to walk long.
How to Wear Sandals for Men
  • Remember the type of your leather sandals with the length of short you’ll be wearing. Anything tailored should be styled with handmade leather sandals.
  • Sandals can be paired with trousers, but be sure they’re lightweight in denim or cotton fabric.
  • Change up your office attire with a bright summer suit and pair with sandals during the warmer months
  • Bodrum handmade leather sandals are the shoes of choice for style combined with comfort.
  • Leather sandals should be conditioned every few months with polish and oil treatments to keep the material supple all year round.
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