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Summer Sandals For Men

by admin 07 Jun 2018

Summer Sandals For Men

You can think of wearing a pair of summer sandals for men, it is now the season for them.
Whether you’re traveling in a tropical paradise, perusing the cobbled streets of some ancient European town, playing the beach volleyball or simply walking around the British countryside, sandals are the perfect solution to your summer dressing. We will not only show what’s on offer in the sandal world, from dress to casual sandals, leather to flip flops and all that’s in between, but we’ll also advise you how to style them of your age, height or body type. Got it ? Read on to learn the ins and outs how to wear sandals for men.

Best Gladiator Sandals

If you’re a style-conscious man who wants to be on trend this summer and stylish then gladiator sandals are such statement piece make your outfit with summer shorts. The style has been big news on the menswear runways of big brands and is perfect way to stand out from the flip-flops.
Gladiator sandals are inspired by Roman Sandals.  The shape of gladiator sandals are features of ankle straps which span all the way down your foot.  This style has been worn by Street style guys around the world. They combine the leather gladiator sandals with oversized shorts; classic chinos or simple summer shorts.

The gladiator sandals are ideal for dressing up a casual outfit because of the quality. If you are shy with your legs, avoid this style. Since all eyes will be on your legs when you combine your outfit with gladiator sandals.
If you want  to rock a stylish pair of gladiator sandals then try  with volume courtesy of a wide-leg trouser, or a longline vest and shorts?

Most Comfortable Sandals ; Flip Flops


If you like comfort and you want to look on style then a simple pair of flip-flops are an instant addition to your summer clothing. Flip-flops are usually affordable, but it can cost higher in price if the material is luxurious, like leather or handmade leather flip flops. But most of the time flip-flops are the go-to summer holiday, and are the footwear of choice when visiting the beach or the pool. Because they’re easy dress up and down and dry fast.
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Men’s Flip-Flops

If you’re considering a cheaper foam or rubber upper on a pair of supple leather flip-flops, the key must be about the comfort. All kinds of flip flops are superb for holiday getaways, however you should consider what you want to do in your flip-flops. For beach days they are best option for a pair of lightweight, durable rubber flip-flops that can be taken on and off at a moments notice. You can transport your flip flops from water to sand without getting ruined.

Mens leather flip-flops are more sturdy but wearing them in pool may be uncomfortable. Wear them early evening dinners or tourist excursions as they’ll provide a little more support than your basic flip-flops.

Best Walking Sandals

Sometimes you just want a pair of leather sandals that you can spend all the day on. You can conquer the world. If you’re a traveler then mens sport sandals are the perfect shoes which can provide you comfort and style with durability. Best walking sandals are designed with arch support and are from sportier materials like breathable leather and scratch resistant rubber.

Sportswear specific brands like The North Face and Jack Wolfskin are masters in designing the ultimate sports wear. What differentiates a sports sandals from  regular sandals are the materials. They are from genuine leather, waterproof rubber and also  ‘fashion’ sandals that you don’t need to slow down your performance .

Most sports sandals are combining an ankle strap with a closed toe upper.
Men’s Sandals Shoes

While BOSA is getting more popular with the fashion world, the priority is comfortable sandals and affordable handmade leather shoes. The design provides comfort for people who are struggling with foot pain.
The BOSA has varieties of men’s sandals with arch support,

Best Sandals for Men
Wearing a pair of leather sandals cost a little more expensive than regular rubber sole flip-flops. And you should also upkeep them regularly. You should learn to polish and treat the leather sandals to ensure a sleek finish. Once you get a pair of handmade leather sandals then they’ll be the most comfortable shoes in your summer wardrobe.

Men’s Closed Toe Sandals
Men’s closed toe sandals that you can wear on pretty much any terrain. A closed toe sandal is sturdy and durable just like sports sandal. Closed toe sandals are stylish and easy to combine with everyday clothes from your wardrobe. Bodrum sandals offers you comfortable sandals.
A pair of closed toe sandals with a summer blazer and light pair of chinos rolled at the cuff, or with  a tailored pair of suit trousers and shirt, It is casual office appropriate outfit.

On That Note

Don’t forget this article is all about combining comfort with style, but also it’s about what occasion you’ll be wearing sandals for. If it’s for a beach getaway or for the office outfit, Leather sandals will save your day and look. And if you’re looking for sporting activities then sandals with arch support that combines durable materials are perfect match. Style sandals with shorts, chinos, denim or trousers, they are the best options for your foot health and summer
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